Why You Should Invest In Serviced Plots

Why You Should Invest In Serviced Plots

Why You Should Invest In Serviced Plots

Aug 17, 2022 Land

What are serviced plots? They are undeveloped ready-to-build properties with ready title deeds, and all social amenities figured out for the buyer. Ideally, a real estate company buys a chunk of land, subdivides it, installs the infrastructure required to make the property livable – electricity, sewers, broadband, and access roads – then sell it for developers to customize as they please.

In Kenya, property ownership requires quite a lot – from visiting the site to ensuring it is not encumbered and then starting the conveyancing process. While you cannot skimp on due diligence as a potential landowner, you may want to go straight to development after finding out the property complies with what’s shown at the Lands Registry office.

Cue serviced plots; here, we tell you why you will be saving valuable time – and even money – if you choose this route.

Amenities Figured Out for You

The land process is already a little too complicated for most, so you wouldn’t want to add on to what’s on your plate. If you get a property where the legwork’s already done, your only job is to occupy and develop the space. Serviced plots are already subdivided, boundaries in place, perimeter wall done, and access roads within the property already completed. You will not need to connect water or electricity because that has been done for you. Easy, right?

Situated Conveniently

Any investor knows location is key, so most serviced plots are situated with this in mind. Think good schools, access roads, bypasses (if you’re ever so lucky), hospitals, supermarkets, farmers’ markets, and the good’ol metropolitan. If those are lacking, the modern homeowner is likely to decline that offer politely.

Pro Property’s products are all located where nature thrives, so if you like your morning coffee with a dose of fresh air and some views, you will be right at home at any of the available spots.

Residential or Bungalows to Rent Out? It All Works

So, here’s a beauty: you get to build your preferred structures as these plots are vacant and ready to develop as you wish. Whether you want to build your personal residential property or a nice bungalow to let is totally up to you. This comes from the knowledge that people are not all crazy about uniform houses with pre-determined designs and plans, so you have the liberty of building what suits you as an investor.

Instant Community

No man’s an island, so how does it feel to be surrounded by a friendly community from the get-go? Serviced plots will afford you that as they are gated and secured for all who choose to live within. An important note is that these people that have secured their spots are not too close to suffocating your privacy, and at the same time, you are not alone. It wouldn’t hurt to share space with like-minded people, would it?

Planning on Getting One?

Have your money ready and itching to invest? Pro Property Ltd has some serviced plots that you must see to believe. They are located in Kikuyu with all the amenities of a chilled-out satellite town and proximity to the city and Westlands. They are pocket-friendly, as you will see, and you can book a site visit as soon as you’re ready. Just don’t take too long because they are flying off the shelf... :)