About Us

Welcome To Pro-Property Solutions Limited

Pro-Property Solutions Limited is a leading real estate company based in Kenya. Since our inception, Pro-Property has redefined the business of real estate, modernizing and advancing the industry by fostering a culture of partnership in which clients and listings are represented in a collaborative environment with our agents.

Our agents share their knowledge, spheres of influence, contacts, and expertise, ensuring our clients better representation and a true competitive edge. Our diverse expertise covers leasing, selling, and buying of commercial and agricultural land, commercial and residential properties. We do also cover real estate development projects.

To ensure our services are delivered, our management structure at Pro-Property is unique in the real estate industry because it goes beyond a traditional team of executives. At Pro-Property, the executive team and leading staff members partner with the top agents to help make decisions that impact the company as a whole. Recognizing that everyone has a part to play in the success of the company, this approach adheres to our philosophy of "a team where everyone grows and prospers."


Our Services

Land Buying and Selling

Attributed as a trusted agency company, we are considered the best in terms of offering strategic land at very affordable rates. Our scope varies from a small-scale eighth-acre plot to a large-scale size that can be used for residential, agricultural, or commercial purposes. Our process includes land due diligence, valuation to confirmation of land rates at both county and national level. This ensures that our client’s interests are well protected right from the site visit to the conclusion and transfer of the title deed to the new owner. As we go through this journey with you, we will advise you on the current market rates, trends, and help you get the best deal possible while offering affordable and flexible payment plans. For land and plots for sale in Kenya reach out to us to get competitive prices.

Developing Gated Communities


In most cases, clients usually do not know the meaning of a Gated community. So what is a gated community? This is a residential area that has restricted access and normally is privatized usually within designated security development equipped with walls or fences and entrances that are controlled to prevent penetration by non-residents. Whilst, we mention that gated communities can be defined into several characteristics which are residential estates, rarely featuring much in the way of either commercial or retail functions. It is also separated from the surrounding community by a barrier in the form of a wall or fence, and at the entry and exit of residents and visitors is only made possible through security-controlled access-points usually a gatehouse that is equipped with numerous electronic and surveillance devices used to ensure those without invitation are not allowed to enter thus making it different from a guarded community.

We develop gated communities from affordable apartment projects to stand-alone townhouses. Visit us for more details.

Property Due Diligence


As a property investor, you need the skills to analyze a property and ensure that what you see meets your expectations and the outcome you are after.

This can all take time and each property requires various levels of investigation. In saying that, our team at Pro-Property has similar high-level actions we should check off on all properties our clients are interested in purchasing.

When you find a property that looks interesting and has the potential to meet your needs, we always recommend getting it under contract as fast as you can. If possible, we always add a general due diligence clause to the conditions of the Sale & Purchase Agreement, which is extremely "open" and allows you to pull out of the purchase for any reason. Rather than stating clauses such as, engineer's report or suitable finance clause, we stick to the generic due diligence clause that all real estate agents have access to.

We set out to various options which include:

  • Viewing the local county government records to ensure everything consents

  • Provision of rental agreements and proof of rent

  • Talking to the tenants (if rented)

  • Talking to the neighbors

  • Driving around the area, evening visitations or in the weekend

  • Getting construction and land advice from experts

  • Land Rates and Insurance status of the land or property

This is in no way an exhaustive list of actions but we will certainly go a long way to reduce your risk and ensure what you are buying is exactly what you are expecting. Our team is well experienced and shall undertake the above tasks within the shortest time possible with the best findings.

Commission Agency


We offer two types of agency commission fees; namely Multi-Agency and Sole Agency. A multi-agency essentially means the client instructs two or more estate agents to compete with one another on a ‘winner takes all’ basis – in other words, the client only pays the agent that makes the sale.

A sole agency on the other hand means the client instructs only one real estate agent where the client only pays the agent only upon any successful sale even if a sale has been done by a third party agent.

Our commission agency fees are of two models; Fixed Fee and Percentage fee. At the Fixed fee level, we charge a given constant charge that is relative and driven by various factors including but not limited to the market demand of the property or land, location and ease of access by our agents, complexity of the property or land, sale deadline provided by either property owner or developer and much more.

For percentage fee level we charge the commission based on a given share of the final sale price or lease price of the total transaction. The commission usually covers the costs incurred during site visits, property advertisement, legal fees, signage fees to the local county government, and much more.

For the above fees, the client pays upon completion of payment and transfer of the property to the new buyer. At pro-property, we are dynamic and flexible in our experience as either your sole agents or multi-agents. For further information or clarification on land or plots for sale in Kenya, feel free to contact our team.