About Us

Welcome To Pro-Property Solutions Limited (PPSL)

We are a locally owned Professional property buying and selling company in Kenya. We pride ourselves on great service and efficiency in connecting sellers and buyers of properties around the country. Our services include; but are not limited to, buying and selling of land, apartments, stand-alone homes and getting clients to lease your property. We also do property management and valuation, rental income returns, conduct due diligence on properties on behalf of clients and other agency services.If you are looking to own any property in Kenya ranging from a piece of land, house, or block of apartments, then we are the company for you. We have a dedicated team of professionals that are ready to walk with you through the process and ensure you successfully buy or sell the property you desire.

You can depend on us to turn that dream of owning a property into reality.

Our Services

Land Buying and Selling

Pro-Property Solutions Limited is a leading land selling and buying company in Kenya. Our portfolio ranges from eighth-acre plots to large parcels of land that can either be used for residential, agricultural or commercial purposes. As a company, we ensure we conduct due diligence on all the properties we are selling and confirm that they have genuine Title Deeds and the necessary documentation. We are always ready to take all our clients out on the field and have them experience the property market. As we go through this journey with you, we will advise you on the current market rates, trends, and help you get the best deal possible while offering affordable and flexible payment plans.

Developing Gated Communities

Property Due Diligence

Commission Agency